I must have my own bread license..

have changed my mind according to what I feel constitutes a great bread for you all. So  forgive me if I use my “bread license” a bit openly here.. (Poets have Poetic license right) so bakers must have a bread license.. I think that allows me to change my mind.. So that is why you may have noticed I have gone from roasted potato/garlic,, to squaw bread to english muffin bread to your next January bread which is called Thom Leonards country  French bread.. http://flagpole.com/food/the-locavore/2016/07/27/local-bakeries-bring-back-forgotten-grains

I want to champion the recipes from bakers who are experimenting with bringing back the flavors of wheat as they were supposed to be tasted.. not the flavors that are homogenized to fit the needs of the industrial wheat growers.. so I will be experimenting with kamut, emmer, einkhorn and spelt in the next few breads.. The bread for January is Thom Leonard’s standard county batard(torpedo) shape..This bread  features a very small bit of starter to which is added  bread flour and water for a 24 hour set… It then is mixed in the mixer because of the heaviness of this dough. and then sits another 18 hours..  Start putting the butter at room temperature because it is all about the bread and butter.  

2 thoughts on “I must have my own bread license..

  1. Yes!! Out with the new and in with the old!! If we could only do this with most aspects of our lives!! Thanks for kicking ass. Panaderia de Highlands por Vida.


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