On the last friday of every month… so tomorrow is the first one.. we have a new pick up site for seaside and Monterey residents.. It is 695 Hamilton seaside and its the home of  Mark Gibbs and family.  He has been kind enough to allow me to set my basket of highlands bread-of-the-month there BETWEEN 3 AND 6 PM!!!  I will have bread there for sure.. As you all know, July bread is from the Della Fattoria family in Petaluma.. rosemary meyer lemon garlic.. great with dry jack or asiago and you might even try a jam with it.. go crazy.. 

If you owe me money, there will be an envelope outside and just sign your name that you were there to pick up.. that is all the instructions.. oh yes.. Mark has been kind enough to give you his cell phone in case you need to be late for pick up or your car got stuck, or your baby is teething, or your boyfriend dumped you… or or or or…

mark cell phone:  277 6094

For those who live in carmel: Pick up is this sunday the 2nd of August at the BAKERY IN THE HIGHLANDS..  Pick up anytime between 1 and 7… Just come on in and pick up…. and you can leave me money in envelope also if you owe me anything… thanks for supporting what I think are some of the best breads from some of the best bakers in America!

I will be featuring a bread every month from some of the best bakeries and I will tell you a little about them…… onward and upward far from the land of wonderbread into the land of REAL CRUST AND REAL CRUMB…

love, anina

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