Its not about the gluten…

Its all about the wheat…about the wheat.. about the wheat..  and amber waves of grain (as the saying goes)  I want to share with you from another blogger about the great flour coming out of Community Grains in Oakland: Tartine blog Experiment  I am using it and the difference is extraordinary. The owner of Oliveto restaurant in Oakland Bob Klein   felt there was a world of difference in the many wheat varieties grown locally.  He started experimenting with whole grain pastas from the wheat Grown and milled by local farmers mostly from the Ukiah County where the soil conditions are the best .Bob Klein  and other  like minded folks  such as chad Robertson of Tartine bread and Rhonda Weidenbeck of BEcks BAkery and Josey Baker of JOsey baKER bread  in san Francisco are all part of this new grain economy. Eating whole grains locally  grown and milled is the first goal and then ultimately the next step is introducing whole grains  back into children’s school lunch programs. Check out the beautiful breads at I was recently given some hard red spring wheat, hard red winter wheat, soft red spring wheat and other varieties.  How does one describe the different flavor profiles of wheat.. Well guess what?  Someone even came up with something…

Aroma and flavor notes for bread by Michael Kalanty.

I read somewhere that to be a baker one must “have the fortitude not to be pushed by anything but the demands of the bread itself.”  I am still practicing the art of understanding what it is that the bread is demanding…. and you my friends get to taste the fruits of my labors all along the crumbly trail…


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