patwin, frassinetto, sonora white and red fife OH MY!!!!

amber waves of grain..

cv3  these names sound like labels for wine right? these are heritage grains and some of the flavors that you may or may not have already tasted grown in Northern California mostly in what is known as the Capay  Valley Region. I am here to change that..

capay valley

Please accept my apologies.. I am back now after having had an illness I will be bringing the flavors of grain: sustainable, local and full of aroma and flavor  that you have never ever tasted before..  Its high me we take back the flavors of seed that are specific to temperature and soil and it turns out that much much wheat was grown in California before it became conveniently modified for “efficiency.”

On Monday OCT 29TH 2018.. I am bringing ancient grain bread  back.


Please let me know that you will be wanting the next loaf.. It will be Red Fife!

 reply here.. or call me at 831 626 4406.

There will be an envelope in which to put your 6 dollars for the loaf and your loaf will have you name on it . …

a village needs a butcher, a baker and  a candlestick maker…

bon apetit!

anina marcustartine




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